◦Transpro was founded as a transportation company. It was tailored to work as one of Procter & Gamble’s six transportation companies delivering their finished products to P&G’s customers and distributors.  
◦Transpro started off with 5 closed box trucks in August 2002. We covered Cairo and Delta. 
◦By the end of 2003 Transpro was operating with 15 closed box Trucks covering Cairo and Delta.
◦In addition to our allocated 15 daily trucks, P&G decided to go with one company to work on a special manipulation project which required a variable no. of trucks ranging from 5- 20 Daily trucks depending on the project, Transpro was its preferred choice and since then we have been handling this project.

◦Considering our performance during the past 4 years, P&G decided to increase our daily allocation to 20 trucks, and increased our range of coverage to cover the entire country from Alexandria to Aswan and from El Saloum to El Areesh.
◦Transpro signs a contract with Greenline Manufacturing to transport their finished goods to their customers in Cairo and Alex as well as their specially manufactured products for Carrefour and Hyper One chains.
◦Transpro signs a contract with Abudawood Distribution Co. Egypt to manage their fleet of trucks used in distributing P&G’s products. Abudawood is P&G’s sole distributor in the Arabian Peninsula and Iraq. Currently in Egypt they distribute in Giza, Fayoum, Benisouef, Sharqeya and Kalioubeya. Transpro Manages 28 of their owned trucks.
◦After our spotless performance for the past two years P&G increases our daily allocation by 30 % to reach 26 daily trucks.

◦Pepsi Cola Egypt signs a contract with Transpro to supply all the external transportation needs for 2 of it’s sales districts, Key Accounts and Modern Trade, an average that grew from 9 daily trucks to 17 trucks currently.
◦Another addition to the work with Pepsi Cola Egypt is another contract to supply Semi-trailers and small trucks for shipments of finished product from one Factory / warehouse to another all over Egypt.
◦A further expansion with Pepsi Cola Egypt in the Direct and Indirect Districts an addition of 8
◦Olympic Group signs a contract with Transpro to supply all the external transportation needs for all of its operations based in Cairo to all of Egypt. 17 Daily trucks currently.
◦Reckitt Benkiser requests our services to ship all of its products from their factories in Port-Said to different parts of the country.
◦Timac Agro-Egypt a new multinational company signs an agreement with Transpro for its transportation needs.
◦P&G raises its requirements from Transpro by 10 additional Trailers.
◦Abudawood assigns part of it’s RVO fleet to Transpro to manage.
◦In conjunction with ProAct World direct marketing company Transpro provides 50 special direct selling trucks for a project with a major communications company.
◦A new addition to our clients is Henkel, an international German based company that works in the field of detergents and produces the brand Persil in the Egyptian Market. We supply them with trucks to distribute their products in  Cairo & Delta.
◦In spite of all the obstacles after the revolution in Egypt we welcome new clients, a sign of our quality work and strong position in the market.
◦Chipsy joins its sister company Pepsi in being one of our clients. Trucks will be provided daily for transportation of finished product from the plant to their different warehouses around Egypt .
◦Transpro becomes the sole Distributor for Nestle Professional, the out of home ( Catering) arm of Nestle Egypt in Delta.
◦Our first warehouse for Nestle Egypt is now operational in 6th of October City.
◦Our second warehouse for Nestle Egypt is now operational in the city of Tanta in Delta.
◦Abudawood F&B assigns Transpro to manage its Americana Fleet.
◦Transpro Signs a huge 5 Year contract with P&G to become its largest provider of transportation requirements. An addition of 27 dedicated Semi-Trailers and 16 dedicated 5 Ton trucks to our fleet.

◦Transpro Welcomes Rashedeen Egypt to it's list of clients. Rashedeen Egypt is a distribution company that distributes for Cadburry, Kraft and Ricket Benkiser and Philip Morris among other companies.

◦Transpro opens it's US branch.

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